This past weekend on the 26th of July the whole Riba team was at the equestrian league hosted by Eaton farm.

A fun filled although chilly day!


Results :


1.10m Competition

–  Kayla Gertenbach & Gondor Pet Rock 4th place


1.00m Competition

– Errol Wucherpfennig & Nova Stud’s Vita Bella 4th place


0.90m Competition

– Samantha Murray & Chett Baker 8th place


0.80m Speed

– Nicholas Howe & Windermere Pilgrim 9th place

– Kayla Gertenbach & Rathmor Sylvan 10th place


0.80m Competition

– Nicholas Howe & Windermere Pilgrim 10th place

– Kayla Gertenbach & M.O.T. Assegai 5th place


0.70m Competition

– Kera Reimer & Riba Sundance 8th place

– Megan Hendrikz & Irish Coffee Double Clear (this was their first show away from home, Well Done!)


0.70m Speed

– Nicholas Howe & Daydream Jiveman Clear


0.60m Competition

– Boris Van Beerschoten & Bullfrog Olaf 4p

– Kera Riemer & Riba Sundance 3rd place



Prelim 3

– Michelle du-Plessis Hay & Yene’s Xalvadora T  61.25%

– Ross Howe & M.O.T. Assegai 63.33%


Prelim 4

– Michelle du-Plessis Hay & Yene’s Xalvadora T  62.60%

– Ross Howe & M.O.T. Assegai 51.40%

(This was Ross & M.O.T. Assegai’s First Show together – Well Done!)


Instructors: Kayla Gertenbach, Barbie Gertenbach & Errol Wucherpfennig

A Big Thank you to Angie Meredith and her family of helpers from Eaton Farm for putting on a great show! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!


Well Done to everyone!

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