Results from the first SANESA qualifier:
Kera & Sundance – Clear in the 80cm speed and 4p in the 80cm competition
Mina & Shady – Clear in the 70cm competition and just out of the placings in the novice Equitation
Nicholas & Storm – 7th in the 70cm Competition, 1st in the Novice Equitation and 4th in the Working riding
Nicholas & Bolero – 1st in the Novice Dressage 1 and 2nd in the Novice Dressage 2
Savannah & Kinvarra – 1st in Medium Dressage 1, 1st in the Medium Dressage 2, 8th in the 1m competition and 7th in the Intermediate Equitation
Well done to everyone, Fantastic results!!!