Results from the  Gauteng Vaulting Championships 2015


E Grade:

Charlsy Loni – 2nd place


D Grade:

Esther Sagot – 1st place

Alexia Fouquet – 2nd place


C Grade:

Erin Muller – 1st place

Asea Pozniakow – 2nd place

Sienna Blaauw – 3rd place


Canter Pairs:

Erin Muller & Asea Pozniakow – 1st place

Gabi Michalakis & Dimitra Michalakis – 2nd place


C grade squad:

1st place and earned their Qualifying score of 6.667

Vaulters –

Gabi Michalakis

Dimitra Michalakis

Asea Pozniakow

Erin Muller

Tristan Sachse

Sienna Blaauw


Well done also to the H/C Walk pairs – Erin Muller & Sienna Blaauw

And Well Done to Julia van Beerschoten for vaulting beautifully on the second day after being injured on the first day.


A Fabulous set of results!! Well Done!!